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Search for justice continues

"Instead of responding to these legitimate and peaceful demands in blood or blaming other parties, Israel should draw the correct conclusions and realize that only by recognizing the existence of the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights of self-determination, freedom and statehood in their homeland can there be a peaceful solution. Without this, there will be neither coexistence nor normalization."

Contributing to transparency

"There was a difference, however, in the public's perception of the Wikileaks and al-Jazeera documents, respectively. While Wikileaks simply presents its documents as they are, leaving to the public (among them journalists, leaders, academics and politicians) to draw different and sometimes contradictory conclusions and feeding a healthy public debate, al-Jazeera went further than that."

"Negotiating Arab-Israeli Peace: Patterns, Problems and Possibilities" :: Book Review ::

"...it should come as no surprise that the stalling of these most recent peace talks can easily be understood when one considers the leadership personality of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and the effect of that leadership personality on the process. It was, of course, Binyamin Netanyahu who boldly claimed responsibility for torpedoing the Oslo peace process on video and further claimed that the United States could easily be manipulated."

Harper; Heading for a majority? Don’t jump to conclusions yet

"...there is a ray of hope that could rescue Canada even from another Conservative minority government; and that is for the Liberals and NDP to form a coalition. In the last Parliament, the seats held by both opposition parties totaled far more than those held by the Conservatives."

Media Sham for Iraq War — It’s Happening Again

"With so many prominent American journalists navigating their stories by the lights of big Washington stars, it’s not surprising that so much of the news coverage looks at what happens in Iraq through the lens of the significance for American power."



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