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Pakistan’s Dysfunctional Judicial System

There are two opposing views about Pakistan. The cynics dismiss it as a "failed state." The other view holds that it has great potential...

The Most Dangerous Man in History

The most dangerous man in history might not be who you think it is. Not Caligula, Pinochet, or Ivan the Terrible. Not Hitler. Trump is...

The new Arab mindset is an ominous warning for the West

"The narrative before and after the revolt, remains unchanged for many Arabs. For them, the Arab world is ruled by pro-western elites who are more interested in the preservation of Western colonial interests than the liberation of Arab masses from tyranny....Right now, it seems as though any Western attempt to orchestrate political change in Arab countries is instantly rejected and thrown back. The dormant Arab mind is now awake, and is fast producing results that are diametrically opposed to the West’s longevity and primacy in the Middle East."

International legality is not up for a vote

"While the idea of a referendum is legitimate for both parties, neither it nor for that matter negotiations should be over principles already established in international legality, such as the need to end the occupation that started in 1967. Rather, the referendum should be held on how those legal principles should be implemented and on the arrangements for future peace, security and prosperity for all parties within their legal borders and in complete accordance with international legal standards."

‘Leave it to Bieber’ pre-empts real news

By larding the paper with infotainment, celebrity worship and soft features, the Vancouver Sun ensures that readers remain distracted and amused, and thus less likely to notice the absence of substantive reporting.