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Jordanian candidate uses debate to call for curtailing King’s powers

"Statements such as that of Kawas are rare in a country where the constitution gives the monarch wide ranging powers. But the forum of a debate provided a number of candidates with an opportunity to make statements that are usually kept in close circles."

Time to Call Out Israel’s Bad Behavior

"This naval assault was unnecessary, brutal and heavy handed — a crude and disproportionate use of power done to prove a point. What Israel will do now is display the same heavy handedness in their propaganda efforts: they will deny, they will intimidate opponents and they will portray themselves as victims (it helps that they are still holding the ships and many passengers — thus giving themselves time to craft an uncontested response)...The US has too much at stake to play Israeli coat-holder or cheerleader in this fight."

Poised at the (Final) Tipping Point

"What we are seeing is the all-out effort to preserve human institutions, such as banks and corporations, whose reason for existence is out of whack with human sustainability on the planet. The financial system exists to enhance wealth and profit and economic growth and usually at the expense of natural "institutions", such as ecosystems, species, and even whole planetary realms, such as the global climate. We think nothing of putting the polar bear at risk, but go all out to save Wachovia."

Avoiding Jerusalem

"Looking at Jerusalem, we must conclude that the entire process is either a cynical exercise on Olmert's part, or a genuine reflection of his lack of strategic grasp of the real demands of a peace process."

English enriched by Centuries of borrowed Arabic words

"Words are much like organic living creatures whose character and meanings evolve over time and circumstance."



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