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Sisi’s Dictatorship Ravaging Egypt

The video is chilling- 23-year-old Mahmoud el-Ahmady desperately appeals to the judge in an Egyptian court. His testimony is agonizing to watch- a young...

Negotiations are Negotiations, by any Other Name

"The Palestinians need to regain that strength they showed last September. We are not naïve as to the tremendous pressures being put on the leadership to return to the negotiating table by the United States, the Quartet, Jordan and so many others. We know the Palestinians often pay the price for taking a stance. But really, what choice do we have?...The only real choice is to maintain a clear and strong stance that we will not waver from no matter the consequences. Being in talks with Israel, especially under Mr. Netanyahu, is like a cat chasing its own tail. It is exhausting but it gets us nowhere and frankly, comes across as quite ridiculous."

Ultimately crippling

"This financial crisis is not new. Nor is Israel's withholding of Palestinian tax revenues. We lived with similar crises when we had a government led by Hamas, and during Israel's 2002 reoccupation of the Palestinian territories and destruction of Palestinian infrastructure. However, the effect of the current financial crisis is different because this crisis comes on top of political stagnation. Now we have the combination of political stagnation, in which the Palestinian Authority is unable to deliver politically due to Israeli settlement activities, together with a financial crisis in which the Palestinian leadership is unable to deliver financially and economically. The combination of these is crippling."

Talk of Palestinian reconciliation

"Israel's position regarding Hamas or the upcoming reconciliation talks is unclear. In general, Israelis are opposed to this reconciliation, as exemplified by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statement that Palestinians must choose between Hamas or peace. Not that the Israeli prime minister was making any serious peace offers, but the right-wing Israeli government has shown in recent months a more pragmatic side to it....The Israeli-Hamas prisoner exchange and the indirect negotiations, through Egypt, with the aim of stopping rockets coming from Gaza show that Tel Aviv is not totally opposed to an understanding that includes Hamas."

Debt Reduction and Economic Growth through Distribution of Wealth

"...the government needs to pursue a policy that leads to circulation of wealth rather than accumulation in the hands of the few; for example monopolies and oligopoly should be discouraged and most of all the absurd trickle-down theory, which suggests the wealth of the rich, will somehow trickle down to the rest. There are many societies you find extremely wealthy few with the vast majority having very little; the rich hoard their wealth and use it to generate more wealth for themselves."



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