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The Vast Danger of Narrow Minds

"It is not about any religion and how much you choose to practice the rites and rituals of your faith – that should always be left up to the individual. It is a matter of imposing this faith or at least one group’s narrow interpretation of it that is so dangerous."

Proud to be Palestinian

"...the most moving scene by far was of Palestinian refugees living in the squalid camps of Syria and Lebanon marching on the barbwire borders with Israel, Palestinian flags raised high above their heads. In Majdal Shams in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, throngs of Palestinians and Syrians breached the border, hugging and kissing their occupied Syrian compatriots from whom they have been separated for 30 years. “Long live Palestine!” they yelled as they embraced. “Welcome home,” others cried. “You are free.”

Palestinian divisions serve no one

"...the unilateral evacuation of settlements from Gaza by the Sharon-led government was part of a grander strategy to divorce the Gaza Strip from the West Bank. This was perhaps intended as the coup de grace in undermining any potential for the emergence of a single Palestinian state in the occupied territories. The West Bank was kept under direct Israeli control and Gaza was kept under a complete Israeli siege."

Preparation for War against Iran in full gear

"While some purging of neo-conservative elements within the Bush administration seemed to suggest that in conjunction with America’s failure to chart its intended course in Iraq, war mongering will come to an end; this is a ruse!"

Fostering hatred

"Occupation and settlement expansions are incompatible with peace and instead foster enmity, hostility and hatred."



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