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Muslim world destined for greater interference in Obama’s second term

"The Arab revolts amply demonstrate that America uses the armies to control the outcome of the democratic elections and counter rebels. So the real agents of change are the armies of the Muslim world and nothing else. If Muslims truly want to bring about a permanent change in their political lives then they will have to get the armies loyal to America and other Western powers to switch sides."

Municipal election fever hits West Bank

"Holding elections at this politically uncertain time is a boost for the Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, who seems to have survived last month's protests and will most likely survive the expected departure of the Palestinian leader....The underlying meaning of the potential success of the local elections is that economic and local issues are taking precedence over national and political issues."

Searching for the perfect model

"Egypt's presidential elections are being watched very closely by friend and foe alike. The emerging democratic model that Egyptians will produce will most likely become a model for an Arab world longing for an end to autocratic rule that has left Arabs lagging behind the rest of the world. So long as the new model includes genuine power-sharing systems and a bottom-up approach to solving problems, the future will most certainly be much prettier than the past. Any attempts at reversing the gains made by the people of Egypt will not be tolerated by Egyptians who have started to taste freedom and democracy. The genie of democracy is out and it will not be forced back into the bottle any time soon."

The Flotilla embodies the Arab Spring spirit

"About 40 brave Americans have cast their lot with civil society by setting sail on the American-flagged ship to Gaza, the "Audacity of Hope". Among them are men and women, elderly, and many Jewish-Americans as well. They will be joined by about ten ships and 300 other activists. They simply refuse to sit idly by like their governments as the crime of the siege of Gaza continues....As the collective punishment of 1.5 millions civilians persists, it's time to ask yourself: which side are you on?"

Palestine needs new political parties

"Young Palestinians constitute the majority of the population. Even though only those over 18 can vote, this segment of society still represents a major voting block that can make a huge difference if, in fact, it is energised and if its members take the responsibility of voting seriously....The question that begs to be answered is who will all those thousands of active young people vote for? Will they vote for the traditional movements/parties or create or follow a new movement/party?"



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