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A Christmas Message to Vice-President Mike Pence

Mr. Vice President: As you celebrate Christmas with your family and listen to the gospel story of the birth of Jesus, I hope you will...

Layton Tendencies

Hello—I'm Lance Boyle, and I’ll be your host for “Modern Classics,” a new movie feature coming soon to WTFN. We'll show you classic works of literature and film that have been adapted, sometimes very freely, to bring to life our political reality. Here's a sneak peek at a Canadian adaptation of Christopher Marlowe's 1604 masterpiece The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus. The story has been played and re-interpreted by other masters over the centuries—Mann, Goethe, Gounod—but its central theme has remained unchanged: a bored, frustrated but otherwise bright man sells his soul to gratify his ambitions. Here are a few scenes from Layton Tendencies.

New-Blooded Americans: Obamagenomics and the End of Race

"The RNC convention by comparison showed signs of attrition in the ranks, with only 13% minorities, 1.5% of African American delegates, and one-third women; the Palin nomination was meant to be a course correction to excite the faithful."

Arab-Americans among victims of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation

"Many of the Arab Americans own businesses in cities and towns devastated by the hurricane, including in New Orleans which has been submerged in polluted ocean waters for more than a week now."

The Defense Budget Is Bigger Than You Think

"If the additional elements of defense spending continue to maintain approximately the same ratio to the DoD amount -- and we have every reason to suppose that they will -- then in fiscal year 2004, through which we are passing currently, the grand total spent for defense will be approximately $695 billion."



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