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Congresswoman against peace

"The American foreign policy has suffered from hypocrisy and lack of execution. The unilateral decision by a lobby-influenced single member of the US Congress shouldn't be allowed to weaken an already weak US policy towards peace and justice in the Middle East."

Good Media is Responsible Media

"Contrary to what many may believe, sensationalism, which often compromises credibility, has the opposite effect on receivers. And in this war of information that we often find ourselves in, especially within the context of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, it is imperative that when we say something, even if it is from a Palestinian angle, we make sure it is true."

Don’t believe the hype

"...Palestinians have no plans for anything beyond peaceful public activities aimed at expressing support for the leadership's United Nations initiative. In parallel, Palestinians are undertaking a diplomatic campaign of contacting various countries to explain their legitimate intentions and to encourage a positive and constructive engagement at the UN. This is in light of the Palestinian government's success at developing and reforming its institutions, thereby attracting commendations from the World Bank and the UN. Any reports about anything more are simply part of a disinformation campaign that seeks to distort the legal and peaceful Palestinian approach."

Introduce accountability

"By continuing the expansion of settlements, Israel is disregarding the Middle East policy of almost every country in the world. Nearly all stipulate that the Israeli settlements and their ongoing growth are obstacles to peace and illegal, and therefore must be stopped. The question the Palestinians are going to ask in September at the United Nations is what the international community is going to do about this intransigence."

Sabotage or arrogance?

"Immediate international intervention is needed to hold Israel accountable for its violations of international law and signed agreements. This is the only way to rescue the future of peace. Making statements that East Jerusalem should be the capital of the Palestinian state is simply not good enough. These pronouncements must be translated into messages of the kind that Israel appears to understand; otherwise, they will have no effect and it will all be too late."



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