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What the Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign Means for Progressives

Presidential candidate Kamala Harris began this week in the nation’s first primary state by proclaiming what she isn’t. “The people of New Hampshire will tell...

Is it the End of the American Century?

"The US debt may be short term in the scale of things. It has plenty of spare capacity having one of the lowest levels of taxation. A country with vast natural resources and continues to lead the world in innovation and technology. Many multinationals have grown from the entrepreneurship of individuals with foresight and very little capital. The US can balance the books and maintain its leadership....The American century may be receding, but it has certainly not vanished from the radar."

The Source of the Economic Crisis: A Chicago State of Mind

This "Chicago" state of mind, Gates argues, had far-reaching consequences that could have been easily foreseen by its advocates. "The results of this purpose-driven ‘operating system’ were guaranteed to concentrate wealth and income and thereby undermine both democracies and markets. By equating personal freedom with financial freedom, we were induced to freely embrace the very forces that now jeopardize freedom," Gates says.

Democracy and Sharia Laws

"Israel is projected as the only democracy in the Middle East, yet it endorses a religious identity that contradicts the secular notion of democracy, which treats all the citizens as equals regardless of their religious identity. Arabs, be they Muslim, Christian, Agnostics, Atheists are expelled daily, whereas any Jew from any part of the world has the key to the houses of disposed people, is this still a democracy?"

Obama’s First Full Month Significant And Telling

"...one has to question motives related to geopolitical control of an area of the world rich in fossil fuels and in which pipelines need to be laid if oil consortiums are to continue gaining the high profit margins desired. One has to wonder, too, about underlying aims of Middle Eastern assaults in that the Pentagon is the single biggest user of oil in the world such that it is ultimately dependent on oil obtained by such incursions."



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