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Brexit and the Border

It was either ignorant or irresponsible for those campaigning for Brexit (British exit from the European Union) two years ago to claim that the...

FAILED: Foreign Policy as We Know It

The Stop the War Coalition has just published a short summary of what’s wrong with the foreign policy, going through a partial list of...

A Palestine that Israelis can’t see

"Israelis may be living in utter denial of the peculiar, doomed reality they have created by the sheer might of force, but this is no excuse for the rest of the world, especially the US, not to wake up and realise that ending the occupation has the potential to release a tremendous amount of positive energy in the Palestinian community. And it this energy that will allow Palestinians to negotiate in good faith as it rebuilds its society from the ruins of decades of destitution."

Leaving Afghanistan by Staying

"The agreement requires that all "entities" involved in a peace process renounce violence, but the Taliban will no more do that while under foreign occupation than the United States will do so while occupying.  This is not a serious plan to leave.  Nor is it a plan based on Afghan sovereignty, numerous claims to the contrary notwithstanding.  This is a treaty for more years of war, on the model of the Bush-Maliki treaty for Iraq, but with the difference that theirs included an end date."

The Month of Normality

"The relevant entities would be We the People and They the Government. If a President was attacking peace, prosperity, civil rights, the environment, the rule of law, and social justice at every turn, we would object exactly as if the future of life in this country and on this planet depended on it. We would allow elected officials' actions to speak and pay no heed whatsoever to their words. If the president's actions violated everything we held dear (this is just a theoretical example, of course) then we would eagerly and aggressively resist with nonviolence. We would put our bodies onto the wheels and gears of the machine until it could not function."



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