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Sanctioning the people

"The Palestinian case has additional potential consequences. According to international law, responsibility for the Palestinian situation, particularly the humanitarian situation, lies with Israel as the foreign military occupying power. Having failed to help Palestinians achieve self-determination and statehood as per relevant UN Security Council resolutions, and having instead indirectly or directly supported the occupying power, the international community too has a certain level of responsibility for securing the humanitarian needs of Palestinians."

Harboring Prejudice and Politics: The "Dubai Ports" Debate

"If Congress really wanted to have a debate about port security and the failings of the current system, they would be talking about increasing funding for hiring more customs officials, beefing up our coast guard presence, and providing additional equipment to screen more of the containers that entire our country. This is what is needed."

Robert Fisk – An Appreciation

Journalist Robert Fisk, who writes for the Independent (UK), is the acknowledged dean of Western print journalists covering the Middle East.  His work is of...

Who is the Beneficiary from all this?

Regardless of disagreements on American foreign policies, most media outlets seem to have accepted the theory that the horrible events of September 11, 2001...



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