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What It Means That Hillary Clinton Might Run for President in...

Twenty-five years ago -- when I wrote a book titled "False Hope: The Politics of Illusion in the Clinton Era" -- I didn't expect...

My $10,000 mideast travel extravegan​za

"Forty four years of forced military occupation has had its toll on the population and has brought about misery and hardship in addition to total denial of entry to millions. The leadership of the countries of the region as well as international leaders should pay attention to the entire process of travel across this singularly only point of exit and return for Palestinians. I should not have to pay $10,000 to use my car to travel and hundreds of thousands should not be denied the right to use their own means of transportation."

Egypt’s legitimacy crisis in the aftermath of flawed elections

"...Egypt is facing a new political crisis. The parliamentary elections, both in the way they were run and in their results, were far too removed from fairness, competitiveness, and the essence of democracy to generate a legislature that can effectively monitor the executive branch. Consequently, the newly elected People's Assembly is bound to lack genuine popular legitimacy and to shed negative light on how the ruling establishment will stage the upcoming presidential elections in 2011."

Was the public wiser this time?

"The wisdom of Jordanians should not be taken for granted, however. All eyes will now be focused on the members of the 16th Parliament, to see whether the confidence placed in it will be translated in passing a set of reform laws, especially an elections law that will satisfy both Jordanians who boycotted the elections and those who voted for change and reform."

The Devil is in the Retails

"The collapse of our financial market casino and its forced rescue by taxpayers was a result of the latest scam to bring greater private profit to some of us by delivering greater social loss to most of us. An actuarial capitalist ponzi scheme relied on massive number crunching, with billions of calculations to perform what was called debt leveraging. This was simply the insurance equivalent of selling enough policies so that those who are maimed, crippled or diseased can be paid off, while still leaving plenty left over for profit."