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The enduring utility of labels

"Under the label of fighting terrorism, the West led by the US has launched wars in distant lands killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and now Yemen and Iran readily come to mind as actual or potential theatres of war. Somalia, too, is on the list and if the US achieves military success in any, more countries will be targeted in the West’s inexorable drive to grab their resources."

Abstract Quality Journalism for War

"Inside a contrived news frame, destruction can nurture life. In media myth, we can be well-informed and ignorant of war’s realities. Along the way, the benefits of numbed quiescence and muffled dissent are vastly overrated."

Torture and Justice, American Style

"Obama or not, the tradition of torture is still alive in American justice, reserved especially for Muslim men, women and children."

Regime Uncertainty Exemplified in the Fannie/Freddie Debacle

"For the past six months or more, the entire U.S. economy has been subject to increasing regime uncertainty, as the government has adopted, almost daily, gigantic new schemes to subsidize, bail out, prop up, take over, recapitalize, guarantee, stimulate, or otherwise interfere with formerly private enterprises, markets, and other arrangements. It seems likely that the recession’s continued worsening may be attributed in substantial part to the regime uncertainty the government’s frantic actions have created, and bid fair to continue creating. When private parties need reassurance the most, the government continues only to roil the waters."

Dear Congressman David Scott

"Instead of condemning this disproportionate response by the Israelis, you choose to blame Hamas for the violence, the same way most of our politicians have done. This is the kind of unbalanced Middle East Policy that has created a monster in the Middle East. There will never be any peace between the Arabs and the Israelis until someone in Washington has the nerve to make a change."



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