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Iran Sanctions: US War of Nerves

"Washington has long been making unflagging efforts to push Iran to the farthest margins of political and economic isolation even when Iran was not working on its nuclear energy program. The West has failed to understand that Iran is not a country solely dependent on oil resources. Rather, it has at its disposal myriad natural resources to rely on. Ergo, blocking Iran’s oil flow to other countries will not be so damaging to the country as the West imagines. On the contrary, such an act will surely prove irreversibly damaging to world economy; the oil prices will rocket up beyond control; the global economic security will be caught up in an unmanageable whirlpool and the rest of the world including the US and Europe will have to suffer immensely for this strategic folly....The sanctions are nothing new and the western media flowery phrases like ‘Iran feels the pain of sanctions’, ‘The sting of sanctions begins’, ‘Iran feels the pinch of US-led sanctions’ are only meant to cater for the public taste of western audience who are now prone to see Iran through the purblind eyes of the corrupt western powers-that-be which have long entertained sinister plots for the Iranian nation."

Having to wait for another year

"Asking Israel to submit its vision of the borders (as in late 2010) aims to circumvent the Israeli roadblocks around settlements. If Israel outlines exactly where it sees the borders of the future Palestinian state, it will be difficult to justify Israel's settling or confiscating land in that areas earmarked (even from an Israeli point of view) for the Palestinian state."

Assassinating Egyptian Dreams

"...the public airwaves, owned and operated by the SCAF, were deployed in a calculated campaign to erode the revolutionary spirit. The talk shows and news programs delivered a not so subtle message that the only fruit of the revolution was economic stagnation and a breakdown in law and order. As part of the effort to undermine the public’s embrace of the uprising, the government media stopped airing the popular video clip music that hailed the sacrifices of the hundreds of young men and women who gave their lives for the revolution."

Do not countenance Ostrich-type behavior by Israel’s Apologists

"For some South African Jews to display levels of insensitivity as was evident in their malicious campaign in opposition to those courageous individuals associated with the Tribunal, does beg the question whether they possess any clue about apartheid or its evil practice....To simply and vainly disregard overwhelming evidence is no different to those who passionately defend the view that the earth is flat! Well its not and to retain an ostrich-type approach to the injustice and severe oppression flowing from apartheid Israel should not be accepted as normal by anyone."

Weighing the Price of Resistance

"The Palestinian struggle has taken on many forms over the years, none of which have yet fulfilled the final goal of liberation. This is not entirely the fault of the Palestinians themselves; the cards are unquestionably stacked against them, what with Israel and its staunch ally the United States. But the internal trappings of the Palestinian struggle and the effectiveness of its forms of resistance is something we Palestinians must measure and weigh on our own....As usual, Israel has taken advantage of the crude rockets fired from Gaza’s territory as an excuse to fire back with cruel, extremely disproportionate force. Israel makes no apologies for striking at Palestinians, especially when it has a so-called “justification”....Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on October 30 said at a special cabinet session that Israel's defense policy was based on two principles: "Kill or be killed" and "He who harms you should bear the blood on his head".



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