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The Big Obstacle for Bernie Isn’t DNC “Rigging” – It’s Media...

Some people are attached to the idea that the Democratic National Committee will "rig" the presidential nomination against Bernie Sanders. The meme encourages the...

Mitt Romney…Just Go Home

"...the bigger question is how the Palestinians should reshape their relationship with the United States, given how futile it is to view them in even the slightest light of “honest broker”. Even the likes of President Obama, who we all know is far more knowledgeable on the conflict and possible solutions, still ends up acquiescing to the mighty machine. He cannot say enough how ‘unshakeable’ the US’s relationship is with Israel or how committed he is to its security."

Please Stop: Your ‘Deep Concern’ has Gotten us Nowhere

"While Europe is also in love with the term “concerned” when it comes to Israel and its measures against the Palestinians, its tone is not nearly as condescending as the Americans. Listening to Obama speaking before AIPAC, it was very hard not to turn the television (or computer) off."

The Perils of being a Peace Broker

"This power vacuum again exemplifies that the Arab Spring has effectively sidelined the issues of minority groups within the Arab states namely the Kurds and the Saharawis of the Western Sahara. However it also raises questions as to whether Erdogan can fulfil the responsibility given to him by justice and honour. After all Ataturk’s quote was not meant to be read as two alternatives – “Peace at home” or Peace in the world”; but rather as a holistic instrument by which to rule – peace at home amounts to peace in the world. This is the lesson Erdogan should learn from the Ottoman experience in order to capitalise on the noble status Turkey now holds in the global community."

The Obsession with September

"...there are no real surprises when it comes to the United States’ bias towards Israel. We all know that if the vote goes to the UN Security Council, the United States, along with its closest allies, will veto it, not because it is against the country’s interests of even because the U.S. is opposed to unilateral steps. It is not even because the US believes the best way to a solution is to return to the negotiating table. It is plain and simply because that is what Israel wants and the U.S. has yet to display any intention of standing up to it....the truth of the matter is that the United States has yet to cut the apron strings which Israel holds on to. Having said this, it is also clear that Palestinians need to get over that fear of angering the United States and moving forward either with or without them. It is time we take the power back. If a price is going to be paid, at least let us pay it with dignity."



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