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Arab Americans votes and the Yemen war

With diverse backgrounds Arab and Muslim Americans vote in unpredictable ways; however, in these midterm elections the majority are likely to favor Democrats. Feelings...

Legacy of Sam Nzima’s Iconic Photo Will Live On In Palestine

Nothing could illustrate the stark contrast between a post-1994 democratic South Africa and Israel's apartheid structures than the iconic photo of Hector Pieterson. The picture...

Assassinating Egyptian Dreams

"...the public airwaves, owned and operated by the SCAF, were deployed in a calculated campaign to erode the revolutionary spirit. The talk shows and news programs delivered a not so subtle message that the only fruit of the revolution was economic stagnation and a breakdown in law and order. As part of the effort to undermine the public’s embrace of the uprising, the government media stopped airing the popular video clip music that hailed the sacrifices of the hundreds of young men and women who gave their lives for the revolution."

Breath of fresh analysis sorely needed on Gaddafi, Libya and the...

"It is encouraging to observe that propaganda, especially in the case of America's flimsy claim to support "the freedom of the Libyan people", is seen for what it is: propaganda!....The desire by NATO and America along with Britain and France to have the Transitional National Council remain as unelected allies able and willing to facilitate ownership transfer of Libya's oil resources, is perhaps the best signal that regime change had zero connection with democracy."

The Palestinian Reconciliation Agreement should be supported

"...Palestinians shouldn't be asked to choose "reconciliation or peace" especially when the party doing the asking is denying them the chance to have both. Palestinians need both reconciliation and peace. They are working on the former. Now is the time for the US and Israel to make a real contribution to advancing the later....In the short term, should the U.S. Congress suspend needed aid, it would be important for the Arab states and others to step up and sustain the P.A., allowing the reconciliation plan time to work through elections and an expected U.N. vote in the fall. None of this, of course, will, by itself, result in a state. But a democratic and unified Palestinian Authority will make a stronger moral and legal case for recognition than Palestinians can make today living as they do divided and governed by entities of questionable legitimacy. Can this be why Israel is so hostile to the agreement?"



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