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Meltdown at the US State Department

"Lack of morale in the department is nothing compared to the more important issue that plagues the State Department - dead bodies - seventeen dead Iraqi civilians that we know about, and an unknown number of other victims."

"Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army" ::...

"These private contractors can get away with murder. [They] do not appear to be subject to any laws at all and so therefore they have more of a license... to take the law into their own hands."

South Africa’s anti-terror laws out of sync with democracy

"Now that the Financial Intelligence Centre has unleashed its campaign of public notices through a blitz of newspaper adverts on "Reporting Obligations of Terrorist Financing", the maze looks more intimidating. If I were in Iraq, I would easily have mistaken it for the endless list of commandments enacted by US President Bush's envoy Paul Bremer."

Canadian Troops to Iraq? Hell No, We won’t go

"The widely respected U.S.-based Carter Centre, which has monitored elections around the world for more than a decade, declined to participate in Iraq, saying the Iraqi election met none of the four criteria for legitimacy: i) the ability of citizens to vote in a free and secure environment; ii) the ability of candidates to have access to voters during campaigning; iii) having a freely chosen and independent election commission; and iv) the ability of voters to cast ballots without fear or intimidation."

Neo-con Perle as Supervisor of Iraqi Elections :: Satire ::

"Who’s going to supervise the Iraqi national election, in January, 2005? It has to be an individual that “fair and balanced” Fox News has confidence in. America’s Iago, Henry Kissinger, is too old for the post. Paul Bremer, the ex-Iraqi Viceroy, won’t dare go back to Baghdad. Who can blame him? So, I nominate that “Windbag for Democracy” - the Mother of all Neocons and Israeli cheerleader - Richard Perle!"



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