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Bihar arrests: Is Nitish Kumar trying to befool Muslims?

"The Bihar chief minister, on his part, clarified that he had nothing to say on contents of FIR lodged in Chinnaswamy Stadium blast and reiterated their common resolve to fight terror “within framework of law and established procedures”. Nitish said as per CrPC provisions every person arrested should be forwarded to officer-in-charge of nearest police station. This did not happen."

Not central to independence

"...Israel survived, flourished and absorbed millions of Jewish refugees thanks to its people's ingenuity and the generosity of world Jewry. Palestinians possess no less ingenuity. But I can't help but wonder where the Palestinians' Arab brothers are at times of acute financial pressure such as we witnessed last month. The record of the wealthy Arab countries in following through on their pledges of aid to the Palestinian Authority is abysmal. It behooves them to improve their performance, if only to take the economic issue off the agenda of those Israelis who seek excuses to delay Palestinian independence."

Intellectual Terrorism and Media Monopoly

"Another victim of intellectual terrorism was Helen Thomas who served as the White House reporter for several years. A lady of iron will and fiery words, she used to ask such fierce questions that some interviewees refused to answer her. Known as the grand dame of the White House press corps, Helen Thomas was eventually compelled to kiss her career goodbye after she expressed her heartfelt opinion about Palestine and the Israelis."

We are also Berliners

"Are the Palestinians not considered citizens of the world? What about their freedom? It is not even a question of whether this will ever “happen again” but rather how to handle it “happening now.” The Palestinians have long called Israel out on the illegality of the wall, debunking Israel’s initial pretext for building it, which is keeping out potential suicide bombers. If this were true, the wall would not have cut deep into the West Bank for the purpose of protecting the Jewish settlements there but would have run along the Green Line, or the 1948 border."

President Obama, Please be Different

"...President Obama has that opportunity to really pressure Israel in the areas where international law is on his side. With the issue of settlements (east Jerusalem included), there are no gray areas, even with the Americans. They are illegal, illegitimate structures that hinder any prospects of real peace. Past US Presidents most likely knew this but did not have the courage or the political will to change the status quo. Because Barack Obama is so unique and has shown that he is not your usual run-of-the-mill man, our hope is that for Palestine, he will really make a difference."



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