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Will This Ramadan Stir Muslim Souls to Oppose Enablers of Israel?

With the approach of Ramadan, Muslims around the world are expected to be engaged in heightened consciousness to inculcate values of justice, empathy for...

Time to Unwrap the Bubble Thrown Around Xinjiang and Confront China’s...

China's horrific treatment of Muslim Uyghurs (also spelled as Uighurs), which the state has been desperate to keep under wraps is increasingly becoming more...

South African Petroleum lifeline under threat – Will ANC compromise economic...

"What may have irked Israeli lobbyists in America is that South Africa’s crude oil imports from Iran have increased to $434.8 million in March from $364 million in February. Instead of a reduction, imports from the Islamic Republic represent 32% of the country’s total crude oil supplies, suggesting that the ANC-led government is reluctant to have America dictate its economic policy."

Who is inventing, Newt?

"... weren't the Scandinavians once called the Vikings and the Iraqis once called the Mesopotamians? That never changed the future national identities they would later assume. Modern-day Palestinians are indigenous inhabitants of the Holy Land, and this reality can never change no matter how “inconvenient” the existence of Palestinians is to the narrative of others....When it comes to the subject of Palestinians, there is seemingly an endless supply of illusionists yapping on TV, radio, newspapers and now presidential debates by candidates looking to score brownie points before elections."

Is it the End of the American Century?

"The US debt may be short term in the scale of things. It has plenty of spare capacity having one of the lowest levels of taxation. A country with vast natural resources and continues to lead the world in innovation and technology. Many multinationals have grown from the entrepreneurship of individuals with foresight and very little capital. The US can balance the books and maintain its leadership....The American century may be receding, but it has certainly not vanished from the radar."



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