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Stop Picking on the Poor Plutocrats

"...this is an election year. After 10 months of election obsession and lesser-evilism, this place could look more or less the way it would have had Occupy never arisen....That situation would leave us with no option but to confront this question, which we ought to come to an understanding of regardless, the question of why people would expend energy to urge each other to pity billionaires."

A Voters’ Rights Amendment to unify Occupiers and Tea Partiers

"The most basic issue that Occupiers and Tea Partiers can readily agree upon is a Voters’ Rights Amendment to the Constitution which insures that the future of the United States is decided by its voters rather than by the corporate and wealthy elite, which currently manipulates and controls the voter’s representatives."

Our prisoners also have a story worth telling

"...before the press is quick to condemn the freed prisoners, perhaps they should balance their criticism for both sides. Just as Gilad Shalit was barred from family, from sunlight and from interaction with others, countless Palestinian prisoners have endured months and years in solidarity confinement, others have not been allowed family visits and still others have been subjected to severe torture methods by Israeli intelligence officers during interrogation sessions that have lasted weeks and months on end."

Obama vs. Jobs; Hope vs. Reality

"The question is not whether we want to risk electing a racist buffoon to the imperial throne. The question is whether we want to join those who are making major sacrifices to occupy our city squares and move our entire culture and our entire government toward peace and justice instead of plutocracy and planetary collapse. Do we want to avoid a war on Iran before it happens or turn against it once we have a Republican president? Do we want to halt global warming or lament its advances later? Do we want to overthrow our financial oligarchy or hope it changes the appearance of the curtains behind which it works?"

Setting Egypt on fire

Thankfully, all the chatter about how Egypt's revolution would not have been possible without the (quick intake of breath) "new media", has been dampened by those who know it best. "Tunisians took to the streets due to decades of frustration, not in reaction to a WikiLeaks cable, a denial-of-service attack, or a Facebook update," Ethan Zuckerman wrote in Foreign Policy in mid-January. "This is not a Facebook revolution, and not an Internet revolution," one Egyptian protester insisted. "This is not about the Internet, this is about the needs and demands of the Egyptian people."



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