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Justice Prevailed

On May 9th, 2019, a jury in US District Court for Washington, DC found a former US diplomat guilty on 14 counts of threatening...

Bringing Back Memories of the Nightmarish Israeli Invasion of Lebanon

The New York Times headline on April 4th was simple enough, "After 37-Year Search, Israel Recovers Body of a Fallen Soldier," but the memories it...

Yemeni Children Matter

We’ve been given a rare opportunity. While the United States military has slaughtered innocents by the hundreds of thousands in the Middle East over...

Washington Eyes Iran Proxy War through Israel

"...despite the testimony of their own intelligence agencies, Washington keeps a mulishly adamant stance on Iran, disseminates falsity on its nuclear energy program and goads Israel into attacking Iran. Israel is, however, paralyzed by fear to start a war of no return against Iran and instead proceeds with its ‘bomb’ rhetoric."

Intellectual Terrorism and Media Monopoly

"Another victim of intellectual terrorism was Helen Thomas who served as the White House reporter for several years. A lady of iron will and fiery words, she used to ask such fierce questions that some interviewees refused to answer her. Known as the grand dame of the White House press corps, Helen Thomas was eventually compelled to kiss her career goodbye after she expressed her heartfelt opinion about Palestine and the Israelis."



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