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Fayyad’s subversion of Right of Return a reward for Apartheid Israel

"Settler expansion in Occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank is at an all time high, despite warnings by Obama. Evidence of Israel’s defiance is visible in the frenzied activities of giant cranes and military bulldozers. Yet Fayyad seems to consider Israeli leaders as partners with integrity...By cautioning Netanyahu not to succumb to “settlers”, he seems oblivious of the fact that entire Israel is a huge settlement! It is this mass of land that many historians and solidarity activists regard as colonized Palestine awaiting liberation and to which refugees are anxious to return."

Indian Government’s intention to construct the Tipaimukh Dam is criminal

"India has several nuclear power plants that are operating in various parts of India. It is inconceivable that she cannot afford to build one extra plant in the north-east corner of the country to meet her energy demand."

Freeing Up Resources… for More War

"The reasons why the war in Afghanistan cannot be won are directly connected to why the war is wrong. In essence, people do not like their country occupied for years on end, especially when the occupiers are routinely killing civilians (whatever the rationale). Monochrome words like Taliban and “terrorists” might seem tidy and clear enough as they appear in media coverage, or as they roll off a president’s tongue, but in the real Afghan world the opponents of the U.S. war are diverse and wide-ranging. With every missile strike that incinerates a household or terrorizes a village, the truly implacable “extremists” can rejoice at Uncle Sam’s assistance to their recruiting efforts."

Things Unsaid at the Petraeus Hearings

"The confused milieu of Iraq, an administration with no coherent strategy to improve the conditions in that country, has always tried to downplay that the U.S.-backed Shiite government and its associated militias are the same ones backed by its archenemy, Iran."

Operation 9/11 and General Musharraf’s counter-blackmailing

However, by telling the whole truth about all that Musharraf knows about the ways in which ISI and its assets were used to facilitate frame-ups for 9/11, will not only be a great favour to Pakistan but will also save the rest of the humanity from the scourge of totalitarians in Washington who are out to physically re-colonize the Muslim world in particular under the pretext of war on terrorism.



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