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Black History Month: Recognizing Black Contributions and Atoning for Our Past

This is Black history month, an important time to reflect on the contributions African Americans have made to the history of the United States...

Mayor’s Annual Christmas Parade Celebrates 45th Birthday

The Mayor's Annual Christmas Parade, a gala event, was launched, in Hampden, (Hon), Baltimore, Maryland, on Sunday afternoon (12.03.17). The weather was sunny and...

The Challenge to Restore Our Sanity

Despite the fact that the stock market is at record highs and the unemployment rate, which began its substantial decline during the Obama Administration,...

Congress Finally Finds Its Purse

"This contest may determine the future of US warmaking more than the also important question arising this month of whether Obama will withdraw a serious number of troops from Afghanistan. And this contest may be something of a last chance. If Congress folds on this one, there aren't too many ledges left for it to grab as it plummets into irrelevance. And if Ohio Republicans have their way, Kucinich's district will cease to exist in 2013, leaving Congress with a significant courage deficit. Now is a moment to speak up for the Constitution, representative government, peace, justice, fiscal responsibility, and the lives of Libyans not yet hit by Obama's non-hostile missiles."

To discriminate or not to discriminate is the Arab American question

"By supporting a regime that kills freedom advocates and tortures prisoners of conscience, while sheltering those implicated in corruption and abuse, ADC indeed promotes discrimination in its worst forms and stand in conspicuous contradiction of its declared mission...An anti-discrimination organization cannot discriminate as to when and where human rights matter. In the times of global media and communication, violations of Arab human rights overseas will come to haunt Arab Americans here at home. Martin Luther Kings, Jr. got it right: “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”



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