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A Reminder on the Essence of Genuine Leadership

Elections are held in many parts of our globe for a plethora of reasons – from electing the head of an organization (including but...

Mayor’s Annual Christmas Parade Celebrates 45th Birthday

The Mayor's Annual Christmas Parade, a gala event, was launched, in Hampden, (Hon), Baltimore, Maryland, on Sunday afternoon (12.03.17). The weather was sunny and...

Celebrating Iqbal’s Birthday

"Not being a practical politician himself, it was the genius of the Allama who not only ‘discovered’ the most appropriate person for the job in the person of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the man to become the future Quaid-e-Azam of the nation. He gave Mr. Jinnah the realization that he had the competence of doing that Himalayan task and would come up to the expectation of the Muslims of the Subcontinent. It is incumbent upon each one of us who enjoys a free life in a free environment of a free country should be deeply obliged to that great man of our history."

Time for radical change in Pakistan

"There is immense potential in Pakistan. It must be harnessed but time is running out. The people must stop looking for a messiah; they must take the destiny in their own hands if they are serious about saving the country. Time and history wait for no one. There are many predatory powers waiting to pick up the pieces should Pakistan disintegrate. Continuing with current policies will only hasten that day. It must be avoided at all costs....Are the masses willing to rise to the occasion?"

"Dear Everybody," a novel, by Michael Kimball (A Review)

“Dear Everybody” is first-rating story telling. Michael Kimball’s novel about the suicide of a disturbed, 32-year-old weatherman, Jonathon Bender, from Jefferson City, Mo, will grip the reader at emotional levels. Even though you know up front what’s coming, you will be caring about the painfully lonely Jonathon, right up to his very last breath.



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