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Leadership qualities

"Delivering on a promise to a people requires understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses, having an accurate understanding of Arab and international balance of forces and working tirelessly to preserve the national unity, which is the most basic of all ingredients for success."

The need for a referendum

"Hamas’ leaders in Damascus can wait for a long time because their daily lives are not affected by occupation, siege and imprisonment. There is an appropriate Arabic proverb. “Those who are feeling the whip are not like those counting the number of flogs.”

Who will pave the Qalandia road?

"The American foreign policy, which is overriding the American people’s developmental decisions, makes little sense. Roads and muppets are not the problem in the Middle East. The problem, to coin part of a slogan by a former American president, is much simpler than taking it out on inanimate subjects. “It is the occupation, stupid.”


"Israel does not want the Arab residents of Jerusalem as full-fledged citizens because of demographic fears. The Arab residents refuse to cooperate with the municipality for reasons, largely misplaced, of Palestinian nationalism. By voting and running for municipal office they probably could have thwarted many of the Israeli acts that have made their lives so difficult, but here the PLO's mistakes equal those of Israel."

Learn from historic mistakes

"The fence is increasingly seen as defining a political as well as a security border. In order to avoid a situation in which the Jerusalem fence perpetuates a negative demographic dynamic and actually worsens Israel's security situation, its path must be reconsidered."



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