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The seminar on Assam in Delhi adds fuel to the fire

"State government and several reports have contended that illegal migration in Assam is not as rampant as propagated by a section of anti Muslim group. “Bringing Bangladeshi angle to Assames ethnic conflict is disservice to the nation”, writes V.K. Tripathi, professor of IIT Delhi. Similarly Prof. Ram Puniyani argues, ‘tendentious comments about Bangladeshi immigration fueled violence in Assam.’"

Islam-bashing race is on

"Unable to come to terms with Islam is yet another major failing on the part of the west. This firmly places the guilt of intolerance on their shoulders not on the aggrieved party whose victimization is unfairly ignored!...Yet we find media commentators and political pundits seeking answers about why Muslims are intolerant!"

Ellison Challenges Bachmann: Put Up or Shut Up

"What is so intriguing about conspiracy-minded loonies is how their rhetorical charges and the gravity of the threat they see continues to grow each time they speak."

Crying Wolf is Israel’s Best Defense

"Israel attacks, not out of self-defense most of the time, but as a way of silencing any voices of truth about its nature. What better way to fend off criticism than to constantly cry wolf and play the innocent victim in a sea of murderous terrorists? It has worked for them this long, so why would Israel stop now?"

Quota System – Tool of Divide and Rule Sindh

"If the present government of PPP understands that this Quota System based on Urban and Ruler division of Sindh is so good for the development of the ruler areas of the Sindh then why don’t they create new and permanent provincial borders on the basis of the same division and prove that this will even better forever for the people of rural areas. As when rural area will get a status of a separate province then they will get exclusive funds for the province with full government in power. But if they claim they don’t want to divide Sindh then they should not continue to divide Sindh on the basis of language."



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