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Pity the Almond Tree

PITY THE almond tree, especially when it is in full bloom. The bloom of the almond is, in German, Mandelblüt. That is also the name...

Assad Choice: Mortgage Freedom to America?

"Syria today, like Iraq under the former Saddam Hussein regime, has fallen out of favour with Western interest, despite decades of investment in the cultivation of policies sympathetic to the zionist colonial-settler state known as Israel!...Not surprising therefore that chaos, anarchy, death and destruction in Syria today, is a preferred option actively pursued by the United States through a motley of diverse rebel formations as an expedient measure to achieve regime change."

The Last Crusade or Ron Paul

"Citizens take note; this crusade is different. Does God know that his children are flaunting nuclear weapons around like toy swords and cap-pistols? It might well be that we will see the last crusade but we do have a choice for a short time, slim that it is. We are standing on the edge of a cliff like lemmings ready to take the suicidal plunge and one man stands ready to turn the tide in favor of humanity."

Washington wages War of Sanctions against Iran

"...sanctions are to be seen as part of Washington's policy of coercion to break the back of the Iranian government and bring the nation to its knees. However, it should be noted that Iran has been mercilessly under severe sanctions for over 30 years and that it has turned the sanctions into opportunities to attain self-sufficiency and stand on its feet again. The entire gamut of the sanctions designed and spurred by the US and now followed by the EU is also tailored to suit the interests of Israel, the archenemy of Iran and thus the bosom buddy of Washington."

Fahrenheit 11/11/11

"A war to end wars and make the world safe for democracy cannot end without some lingering demand for peace and justice, or at least for something more valuable than the flu and prohibition. Even those rejecting the idea that the war could in any way help advance the cause of peace aligned with all those wanting to avoid all future wars -- a group that probably encompassed most of the U.S. population."



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