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The Somali Famine, Despair and Resilience

"...nothing inspired me more than seeing school children walking back from their schools chattering their way back to their homes, and university student proudly walking in groups conversing and trading ideas. This scene has validated to me the notion that Somalia is still a living nation that can dust itself out of the ruins."

Now that the carrot has not worked against Israel…

"The Americans have to take a position. Not taking a position now would be a major victory for a country that is clearly violating international law by building settlements in occupied areas....The big question now is whether Obama will have the courage to fulfil his self-prescribed plan for how to deal with the crisis with Israel. With the carrot having failed to dissuade the Israelis, it is time to get out the stick, or at least stop protecting the pariah state of Israel."

Is Feudalism alive and kicking in rural India?

"Even if India as a progressive state on the verge of becoming a regional superpower officially discounts arguments about being feudal, it is common knowledge that feudal characteristics are rife in many rural environments giving rise to unfair discrimination and practices of slavery."

Will endless wars save the dollar?

"Since 1945, the US dollar has been the world reserve currency. As its value depreciates, countries holding huge dollar reserves begin to worry. China in particular has expressed grave concerns since it holds nearly $2 trillion in US currency reserves, mostly in the form of US treasury bonds. According to some reports, it is drawing down its dollar reserves by purchasing gold and stocks of raw materials and energy."

Walking between the raindrops

"At the end of the day, another right-wing leader, steeped in Revisionist ideology, had agreed to partition the land into two states. This cannot have been easy for Netanyahu. Yet his was not an unequivocal acceptance of the peace process with all it entails. Accordingly, his coalition will hold; Washington will keep up the pressure; and PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas will refuse to renew negotiations. Netanyahu "walked between the raindrops" and thinks he never got wet."



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