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U.S. uses NATO for Black Sea military buildup

"The Black Sea region was completely inaccessible, was terra prohibita, to the Pentagon during the Cold War era. NATO expansion, with the incorporation of new members and partners, has opened the sea to U.S. military penetration, presence and use for what are termed downrange operations - armed interventions - to the east and the south."

NATO: From the North Atlantic to the South Pacific

"The common values alluded to comprise much more than the parliamentary system of government, which exists most everywhere in the world, and instead are a veiled reference to the fact that NATO is what it has always been: A military alliance of the former colonial powers in Europe and Britain's past outposts in North America - the U.S. and Canada - now to be complemented by those in the South Pacific, New Zealand and Australia."

Pentagon: Wars used to train Global NATO Expeditionary Force

For high-end operations read wars....As the U.S. moves into new bases in the Asia-Pacific region and deploys more warships and warplanes to the Middle East, it can count on NATO to police Europe, the Mediterranean - North Africa and the western Middle East - the Horn of Africa and the South Caucasus on its behalf....NATO has secured a mobile, integrated, combat-tested global expeditionary force for the West."

The ‘Humanitarian’ Road to Damascus

"If the “humanitarians” at the Foreign Policy Initiative and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies succeed in getting the Obama administration to adopt their “options” to assist the anti-regime Syrian opposition, Bill Kristol will soon be celebrating the sixth “war of Muslim liberation” that he and his pro-Israel cronies have induced the United States to wage - with little thought for all the “shed blood and expended treasure.” Unless the Syrian people want their country to be added to Kristol’s dubious roster of “the liberated” - Kuwait, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya - they had better make it loud and clear that they have no desire whatsoever for the kind of “assistance” offered by pro-Israel groups."

Turkey and the Middle East: Carpe diem

"The Turkish prime minister’s vision is to dismantle borders, so that people can pass from Europe to the Middle East and vice versa, pointing to Turkey’s abolition of visa requirements to dozens of countries, including Egypt and Russia -- unlike the insular EU. This is a long term vision of Erdogan, who co-sponsored the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations along with Spanish President José Zapatero in 2005."



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