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Nuclear assassinations belie Zionist desperation

"...Pakistan needs to be extra careful, at home as well as in its diplomatic overtures to its neighbors. The Israelis will not countenance Washington “giving” Saudi Arabia any kind of nuclear technology, not the least after Obama’s obsequious call for a nuclear-free world. The new calculation in Washington is that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal would be far safer in Saudi hands — a lifelong friend of Tel Aviv and Washington, and a lifelong obstacle to Islamic self-determination. If Pakistan willingly or surreptitiously gives the Saudis any nuclear capability after the Saudis hang a suite of carrots in front of it to relieve it of its economic and endemic energy problems, then Pakistan will be immediately ravaged by the “international community” as the king of rogue nations."

Cinderella liberty

"What is being created from the wreckage of the American occupation is both akin to what we intended and different from what we envisioned: what is emerging is a secular, pluralist, multiparty, market-oriented democracy. But, alas, this is not the age of miracles: Damascus and Tehran are not intimidated, the region's Salafists are not defeated, the Palestinians are not humbled--and there isn't an Iraqi leader in sight who would be caught dead in Jerusalem. Or have anything to do with the Americans."

Prophet Muhammad was Revered as the Jewish Messiah in Medina

"The conventional wisdom holds the origin of anti-Semitism to Christianity and not to Islam."

Does Iran Need the Bomb to Protect Its Security?

"Israel’s real goal is to stampede a reckless and unpredictable American president into militarily attacking Iran before his term expires, out of fear his successor would not do so. Thus the frenzy of the Israel lobby’s accusations—which are merely statements, repeated endlessly and without proof—is accelerating. The International Atomic Energy Agency has found no proof that Iran aims to acquire the bomb."

Kevin Zeese: Attack on Iran May Lead to WWIII!

Takoma, Maryland’s City Hall was the scene for a lively discussion on Middle East issues, on Aug. 17, 2006. Kevin Zeese, the “Unity candidate” for the U.S. Senate in Maryland, and one of the panelists, said Israel’s attack on Lebanon was premeditated and that an attack on Iran might lead to WWIII. Noura Erakat said Lebanon had been devastated ‘on a humanitarian level” by Israel’s War Machine. She also denounced Israel as an “Apartheid state.”



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