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The Case of Babar Ahmad and the Politically ‘Puritanical’ Muslims

"The issue of non-participation in the non-Islamic political system is often heard from fringe groups, who have provided no alternatives, other than an idealistic hope, wait for a super Caliphate or an army of Mujahideen to rescue the situation. There are no explicit instructions in the Quran and the Sunnah, which forbids the Muslim communities living in a non-Muslim country to participate in the political process, with a view to protecting and furthering their interests....To abstain from the political process and then to moan about the MPs and the system being biased makes little sense; likewise, to argue that it is prohibited to elect an MP but yet permitted to seek help from the MPs in their capacity as MPs, is hypocritical."

Reflections on Verdict on Babri Masjid Dispute in India

"In the last two hundred years, the world has come to realize that the domination of the weak by the strong is the root of all wars. The development of multi-ethnic, multi religious democracies is an antidote to an endemic cycle of wars. They have not quite succeeded yet, but they are poised to break that endemic cycle in favor of equality and guaranteed rights to all the inhabitants of a country under a secular constitution."

The London Bombings, the Chief Bomber and the Myth

"It is this narrative of 7/7 that is truly mythical. The stark and unsavoury reality is that inside the impenetrable bubble of intelligence operations, something went seriously wrong. But Blair and Co. would prefer us to simply throw more money at an increasingly secretive, defensive and unaccountable institution whose obvious failure is certainly not “understandable”. The urgent necessity of an independent public inquiry designed to discover precisely what put the British national security system to sleep precisely when it was most needed is beyond doubt."

Pakistan is on the road to Balkanization

"Musharraf's policies and his petty opportunism are a grave danger for the region. It is possible that in the end his policies may prove to be seriously counterproductive for world peace."

Pak-Gulag under the wings of the Fourth Reich

"The key to solving the unprecedented nature of problems that Pakistanis face today is to force their leaders to abide by the law and respect the constitution. They need to break their silence and neutrality."



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