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Israel’s Doomsday E-1 Settlement

"Netanyahu’s defiance and the Palestinian leadership’s decision will both put the credibility of all the five permanent members of the UN Security Council to an historic test: They either decide to act on their own words or their inaction will inevitably leave the Palestinians with the only option of defending their very existence by all the means available to them."

The Role of CIA-pampered Saudi Spymaster in Syria

"Saudi Arabia has long been working on a plan to overthrow the regime in Syria and sabotage the Islamic Republic through Bandar bin Sultan who served as the Saudi ambassador to the US from 1983 to 2005. In 2006, Bandar visited Washington a couple of times and discussed the Bush administration’s plan for a new strategy in the Middle East with former Vice president Dick Cheney and Bush’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Global Democracy Strategy Elliott Abrams."

Is there a viable strategy here somewhere?

"As for the Palestinian leader, the call to visit the Jerusalem mosques was characteristic of his approach to peace and a two-state solution in recent years: launch provocative initiatives in every regional and international direction (membership in the United Nations, reconciliation with Hamas and visits to Jerusalem) and drop hints about recourse to extreme measures (intifada, dismantling the PA, resignation and detaining critical journalists and bloggers). All this, while confronting an uninterested, settlement-hungry Israeli government with hitherto unheard of pre-conditions for renewing negotiations."

"Gay Girl in Syria" hoax points to US-led counter-revolution

"Counter-revolution works by mimicking revolution in order to eventually suffocate it. Since the Middle Eastern conflagrations, US cowboy policies have been painstakingly hidden behind support for social media activism and personal expression. The psychedelic Wonderland of the worldwide web is sufficiently grafted to the military industrial complex that an artificial, alien voice can come to eclipse flesh and blood identities struggling for public expression. Calls for a Facebook or Twitter revolution in the Muslim world are an aporia, especially considering who the shareholders and board members of these multi-billion dollar companies are. In short, to channel Gil Scott-Heron’s famous anthem — don’t expect the revolution to be televised."

Harnessing the Courage of a Syrian Rebel

"One of the unique aspects of the Syrian uprising is that the battle has been joined in the countryside but has yet to gain strength in Damascus and Aleppo where state security forces have always had an iron grip. In Cairo, the demonstrators managed to occupy Tahrir Square for eighteen days. Not to be outdone, Yemeni demonstrators have camped out for four months straight.  The Syrian regime will allow none of that. So maybe it’s time to take out a page from the Serb struggle against Milosovic and start turning out the lights every Thursday night at 9 pm and banging pots and pans till midnight. Once you get a critical mass of participation, horde some pita bread, cheese and olives and start a one week strike. Don’t leave your homes. Don’t go to work. Close your shops and keep your kids out of schools. And, whatever you do, don’t go to mosques or church services. Leave your places of worship empty and make your homes citadels of liberty....Then take to the streets and see if Doctor Bashar still has any ammunition to confront the courage of a Syrian rebel."



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