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The gTLD Opera

"To hit a real high note here, cyber-squatting fear mongering is nothing but smoke screens. If we accept the fact that domain name variations of choices are freely available all over the world then obviously there would be some cyber-squatting and for those well protected trademark holders, which is just another routine trademark defense exercise."

Is bloom in step with reality of today’s oppressors?

"In his fascination with neocons, Bloom shamelessly applauds their failed policies. Yet in contrast he attacks persons of integrity such as Noam Chomsky and Edward Said.”

Friday Night Lights: Game Time in Gaza

"The continuing brutality of the occupation pushes Palestinians away from peace, and reminds them of the seven years of failure that led to the second Intifada. While Israel forgoes their responsibility to take care of the Occupied Territories under international law, they cannot forgo the reality of the conflict."

"Mr President" De La Mancha

"Americans steadfastly refuse to notice the massacres ordered by a mad commander-in-chief and carried out by a berserk defense secretary, even as their fellow citizens are blown to bits in the process, and innocent men, women and children are gunned down in cold blood as they try to flee the carnage."

US Christian evangelicals raise the stakes

"This interest in the end times and the prophetic role of Israel has meant tens of millions of dollars of support every year from evangelical Christians in the US. This funds projects in Israel ranging from helping immigrants and planting
vines to promoting settlement expansion and decrying any plans for Jerusalem other than unilateral control by Israel."



Those ‘crazy’ Iranians

End War

Children of Stones

Hazy Signs in Polity

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