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Israeli general mounts challenge to Netanyahu by flaunting Gaza carnage

With April's elections looming, Benjamin Netanyahu has good reason to fear Benny Gantz, his former army chief. Gantz has launched a new party, named...

An Open Letter to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma

"The 1982 citizenship law is illegal, morally unconscionable and grossly discriminatory. It is opposed to everything that we stand for. Please, tear down that wall of hatred and discrimination. The Rohingya-demand for equality in citizenship rights is a bona fide demand and you must do everything possible to make such a reality. That should create an atmosphere for inclusion. The new Burma must embrace pluralism under a federal framework and cannot live in the past of rotten hatred, racism, xenophobia and bigotry. The sooner the better!"

Hurrah for Egypt!

"It is up to the believers of any religion to pick from their holy texts the passages they want to act upon. Once I saw a Nazi book composed entirely of quotations from the Talmud – hundreds of them. I was certain that they were all false and was shocked to the core when a friendly rabbi assured me that they were all authentic, only taken out of context."

Democracy in 2012

"The imperial rulers maintain dominance only by virtue of military might. Without massive murder power such as was exercised in Libya and is threatened in Syria and Iran, they would already be gone and as global opposition grows that power will soon not be enough to dominate the planet. Newer threats to powerful nations like China and Russia only show the near dementia of rulers nearing the end of their reign."

The ‘Forgotten Population" Needs a Solution

"The situation in Syria is tragic, to say the least. Syrians are braving a monstrous regime that makes no apologies for slaughtering its own. But the Syrians are, in the end, fighting for their country and freedom, just like the Palestinians in Palestine have, for years, fought Israel for their own liberation. Let’s imagine that Bashaar Al Assad’s regime fell tomorrow. The Syrians, in spite of the thousands of deaths, injuries and disappearances they have endured, will rejoice. The Palestinians too will be happy for their Syrian counterparts when the tyrant falls, but that doesn’t mean that their own problems are solved. The refugee problem in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and inside of Palestine deserves a separate and just solution. They are not punching bags for other regimes to pummel. And they should never be forgotten."



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