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The world marks 60 years of zionist terror made possible by...

“If Truman had taken positions that would have resulted in a failure to establish the Jewish State, he would almost certainly have been defeated in the November elections, since the Zionists had almost the full support of the Congress, the United States media and most of the American people.”
Loy Henderson, Director of Near Eastern and African Affairs, U.S, government, 1948

Is Dershowitz qualified to do book reviews?

"The only reason anybody takes this fanatical Likudnik seriously is because of his friends in high media places - the kind of friends that routinely feign ignorance of this Harvard professor’s track record."

Washing War Crimes at the Washington Post

"It’s a matter of historical record that the Post was instrumental in marketing the war of choice in Mesapotamia. Its reporters and neo-con commentators were among the elite shock troops that conspired with the Office of Special Plans to perpetrate the WMD hoax against the American public."

The Public’s Right to Know All About Judith Miller

"Miller continues to assert that she isn’t “covering for anybody”. Technically, that’s not a lie. Because Judith Miller is “covering for everybody” involved in a very elaborate campaign of deception engineered by a consortium of government and mass media operators. Incidentally, Federal law specifically prohibits intelligence operatives from waging a propaganda campaign against American citizens."

Zionism’s willing dissemblers abet Palestinian misery

"Those who condemn Israeli atrocities and stand behind international law can now be charged with expressing hatred toward Jews! This makes as much sense as charging a person with promoting hatred towards Republicans because he calls for the impeachment of George W. Bush."



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