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Israel as a Russian-Soviet invention

Reading Yakov M. Rabkin's What is Modern Israel  (2016), you can only marvel that Israel continues to exist at all, given its unending criminal behaviour, from...

Tahrir Square, Tel Aviv

"The setting up of a new political movement is an act of creation. There is no recipe for it, like “Take 2 Oriental Jews, 1 Russian, half a rabbi, stir well…” It doesn’t work that way. Neither will something like “Take the remnants of the Labor Party, add a spoonful of Meretz, mix with half a glass of Kadima…”. Won’t work."

Sharon’s Legacy in Action

"The story of the Gaza evacuation shows that international pressure can force Israel into concessions."

Peretz or Bust

"Even if Peretz prevails in the election (which is possible, despite initial polls which give Sharon a 37% to 22% lead), he faces daunting challenges."

A mixed prognosis

"For Amir Peretz to try and fail to make peace with the Palestinians could be less helpful to long-term peace prospects than another successful round of disengagement."



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