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Which way Libya? How the African Union and the United Nations...

In 1967, Colonel Gaddafi inherited one of the poorest nations in Africa. However, by the time he was assassinated, Gaddafi had turned Libya into...

Will UNHRC Rebuild Muscles to Tackle Israeli Violations?

"Unconscionable" approach to Israel, claims the Trump administration as it unceremoniously exits from the United Nations Human Rights Council, UNHRC. Using the excuse that the...

West Braces for Clash of Cultures

"With the Muslim world in turmoil over the anti-Islam video and cartoons, Israel will be in a position to turn the situation to its own benefit, depict the Islamic world in a negative light with the help of western media and exploit the rift deepening between the Muslims and the West. These facts suggest that there are certain Zionist elements in the West which are fomenting Islamophobia in the world in order to bring about a lethal encounter between the East and the West and serve the interests of Israel in the long run."

The United Nations and the Global Social Development

"The attainment of equality for women is another pressing yardstick of global social development. Experience and intuition both demonstrate that women are as intelligent as men. They are as entrepreneurial and disciplined. They contribute every bit as much to economic growth and social cohesion as men. It is thus imperative that women receive the same legal rights and social dignity as men if global social development is to advance."

South African Petroleum lifeline under threat – Will ANC compromise economic...

"What may have irked Israeli lobbyists in America is that South Africa’s crude oil imports from Iran have increased to $434.8 million in March from $364 million in February. Instead of a reduction, imports from the Islamic Republic represent 32% of the country’s total crude oil supplies, suggesting that the ANC-led government is reluctant to have America dictate its economic policy."



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