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The promising Lebanese elections may have little impact on the country’s...

The sole remarkable “result” of the parliamentary elections in troubled Lebanon is that it did happen - and it was competitive. A country of 4.5...

The DREAMers deserve better than this

In the midst of the many immediate challenges confronting the White House and Congress, President Donald Trump just added one more. This past week,...

How Terry Jones can get away with it

"...what is clear is that Jones is certainly looking for national and international attention. He has established a campaign for the 2012 presidential elections and even created a website for his campaign with the slogan "Real America, Real Hope." In this website, Jones has claimed that he is standing up to speak for "truth" and confront "Islamic radicalism." This is unquestionably a testimony to his lunacy and provides evidence for the fact that this mad man has no clear ideology or worldview. If he is a real Christian pastor, then can he justify that insulting the holy book of a major religion is in compliance with the teaching of Christianity?"

London Conference on Somalia: A Rebranding of the War on Terror...

"It is now established that USA’s dual-track policy on Somalia has produced conceivably unintentional disaster, resulting an explosion of mini-states that have undermined even the relatively peaceful areas in Somaliland and Puntland."

Iraq War: Not Over and Danger Ahead

"About one in five Iraqis wants a democracy and believes a democracy “will work” in their country. Another two in five say that they would like a democracy but they don’t “believe it will work.” At the same time, one in five “do not want a democracy” because they believe “it won’t work” in Iraq. Depending on how you add up these responses, it can either be said that six in ten Iraqis want their country to be a democracy, or six in ten Iraqis don’t believe that democracy will work in Iraq. This is the definition of being conflicted."



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