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No political system can function without a free press :: An...

"I suspect we have already witnessed the worst of the globalization cultural bulldozer. What is happening everywhere is the hybridization of culture, such that local traditions, practices, and vernaculars are folding in elements of global culture--not really a culture at all, just an economic expansion program--and creating unique human customs that will continue to evolve. This is precisely what humans have always done with culture, especially in times and places with lots of mobility. My main wish for these 'bottom-up' hybrids is that they include elements of the best in Western culture, especially the discourses of philosophical justification for human rights and social justice. The West has exported lots of awful things, but there are some good things too!"

Israel bullies laborers, leaders and just about everyone else

"If the United States were really interested in peace, it would not allow Israel act with a free reign in building settlements it even admits are illegal. It would oblige Israel to return the tax funds the United States knows belong to the Palestinians instead of breathing down the latter’s neck about Hamas complying with Quartet conditions. The double standard is so blatant, the US and Israel openly declare their punishment of Hamas for that reason while clearly shunning other conditions and agreements the Israelis signed on to willingly."

Tacit Justification of Racism

"It is true that racism is still a problem in European Football and elsewhere in society, it is rather disappointing to witness the tacit justification and rationalization of racism in football by “white” club managers. For example, even though Suarez was accused of racially abusing Evra, Liverpool Manager, Kenny Dalglish, despite the prospect of an investigation continued to support and even denied that Suarez was a racist despite the video evidence to the contrary. In the same vein, Chelsea Manager, Villa-Boas and England National Team Manager, Fabio Capello, did the same thing for John Terry despite the some damning video evidence."

The idealism of Islam in the light of the Prophet’s lifestyle

"This is true that preaching with soft words and demonstrating good attitude were very important factors in the propagation of Islam but they were not the only means. The Prophet and his followers offered great sacrifices for Islam and they had to face a number of battles with the enemies of Islam who were bent upon creating every hurdle in the way of Islam. Such information is disseminated either out of sheer ignorance or it is done with a bad intention."

U.S. Army assaults its biggest fan

"She thinks her story is similar to a great many others. She's found the strength to talk after six years and in the midst of a nonviolent occupation. "The Army is keeping people quiet," she says, "many, many people. Victims are sent to their attackers to ask for help."....In school, Aristine says, she learned that America is always the hero, there to fix things and to help the rest of the world. "If it weren't for us, the world would be lost!" But, she adds, you don't learn the effects that wars have on people."