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Mitt Romney…Just Go Home

"...the bigger question is how the Palestinians should reshape their relationship with the United States, given how futile it is to view them in even the slightest light of “honest broker”. Even the likes of President Obama, who we all know is far more knowledgeable on the conflict and possible solutions, still ends up acquiescing to the mighty machine. He cannot say enough how ‘unshakeable’ the US’s relationship is with Israel or how committed he is to its security."

Abusing the Constitution and Rule of Law

"It is in their own interest that they should abide by the law and give up their hegemonic attitude which they are adopting for continuation of their very much unpopular rule. No country can survive where its rulers in the higher herearchy are adamant to the rule of law and constitution. The rulers should not try to mislead the general public on repeating every time the slogan of the superiority of the parliament."

Labor Not Loyalty on May 1

"In 1888 the AFL set May 1, 1890, as the next major day of action. Workers all over Europe joined in, and a holiday worthy of the name was born....This May Day, do what you can for Albert Parsons, for those you love, and for those who will come after us. Do not work. Do not be loyal. Do not be silent. Be the change you want to see in the world."

Transformation: Effectuating Democracy by a Voters’ Rights Amendment

"The United States Constitution once stood as a model for new nations; however, today it is viewed by many as an outdated and difficult-to-amend document that guarantees few rights, when compared to other established democracies....There is an inherent right in a representative democracy to cast an effective vote, and a failure by the government to protect that right nullifies the electoral process....By amending their constitution to ensure the primacy of voters and their right to control their government, the People of the United States will once again demonstrate an evolutionary model for democratic governments around the world."

Not central to independence

"...Israel survived, flourished and absorbed millions of Jewish refugees thanks to its people's ingenuity and the generosity of world Jewry. Palestinians possess no less ingenuity. But I can't help but wonder where the Palestinians' Arab brothers are at times of acute financial pressure such as we witnessed last month. The record of the wealthy Arab countries in following through on their pledges of aid to the Palestinian Authority is abysmal. It behooves them to improve their performance, if only to take the economic issue off the agenda of those Israelis who seek excuses to delay Palestinian independence."