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Self-determination: An Inescapable Principle of Kashmir Dispute

The concept of self-determination is a vexing but significant topic in the field of human rights. It is the idea of government by the...

Russia and NATO: ‘Not a piece of furniture’

"Despite the professed devotion of the French and German leaders to the US and the war in Afghanistan, this clear outreach to Russia by the EU’s most important members is an expression of the geopolitical logic at work as the US flounders and Russia matures into an unavoidable and increasingly desirable Eurasian partner."

Russia, Georgia, and the Kosovo Connection

"By selectively turning principles into propagandist slogans for scoring points, the United States no longer occupies the political high ground. Washington’s lectures sound like hectoring, not sincere admonitions that could sway international public opinion and restrain Russian actions."

If Kosovo, Why Not Palestine?

"Palestinian leaderships have tolerated Western hypocrisy and racism and played the role of gullible fools for far too long. It is time to kick over the table, constructively, and to shock the “international community” into taking notice that the Palestinian people simply will not tolerate unbearable injustice and abuse any longer."

Kosova: just another Western-dominated post-colonial Muslim nation-state

"The declarations of independence last month may, in hindsight, be regarded as the beginning of a new phase of Kosova’s troubles, rather than an end to them and a dawn of a new beginning, as many Kosovars must hope."



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