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The psychopathology of a settler state called Israel

This year, the Government of Israel celebrated its 70th birthday in what may well be described as brutal, blatant, murderous, thuggish and shameful. Through...

Prisoners have the rights to see parents and read books

"It would be commendable to see Nobel Literature laureates sign a statement calling on Israel to stop the policy of banning books for Palestinian prisoners....It would be great if universities around the world and academics would push Israel to allow prisoners to take the high school examination and enroll in distance college education."

Visitng Jerusalem

"Israel and its supporters have not stopped one day their solidarity visits. It is time for those who believe in justice for the Palestinians and who wish to see the holy city of Jerusalem remain a vibrant multiethnic, multireligious city to organise visits to it...The plight of the people and the importance of the city should not be felt only by the Palestinians. Muslims, Christians and people of all faiths should heed the call and support the embattled city and its Palestinian population."

More illegal acts

"At a time of international support for the Arab Spring and its core message of democratic freedoms, the Israeli actions are one more example of why its decades-long occupation is not only violating Palestinian rights but also eroding the values of what the world still believes is the "Middle East's only democracy."

Unsustainable Israeli Politics of Exclusion in Jerusalem

"What is much more important than excluding “a conflict that can be resolved by means of territorial compromise,” is that the Israeli politics of exclusion in Jerusalem, which could be summarized by Judaization of the holy city, is a roadmap to de-Arabizing, de-Islamizing, de-Christianizing, de-historizing and de-humanizing Jerusalem, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, and this could not be anything but a roadmap to hell."



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