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How to succeed as a War Criminal

"I would ask all readers to go and look further and judge these men for themselves and by their records and their deeds against humanity. Who is the one who was quoted as sleeping well at night after dropping a one ton bomb on a civilian population? Who is the one who encouraged extremist radical settlers while at the same time creating thousands of homeless refugees? Which one covered up the death of a young school girl? Who lied about the deaths of Palestinian children?"

The challenge of navigating Palestinian politics

"Fatah and Hamas are strikingly different. Fatah is a secular ideological movement capable of making political compromises with Israel. Hamas is a religious political movement driven by faith and incapable of compromise."

Understanding the emotional issues surrounding al-Awda

"It may not mean that refugees will be going back to their homes. But it also does not mean that they must be forced to give up their legal and moral and ethical right in a compromise."

Palestinians must battle extremists to achieve peace

"Peace does not mean we cannot criticize each other. We can and we should. But we can criticize policies, not people. Events, not emotions."

Struggling through Culture

"As the Palestinian Arabs live under a brutal and an illegal occupation and oppression, they turn to their music and art to help them through the pain and suffering they have been forced to endure since the Zionist entity of "Israel."



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