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Welcome to AIPAC: Where Words Lose All Meaning

You need to prepare yourself for language shock before listening to speeches at the annual convention of AIPAC, the Israel lobby. Speaker after speaker...

Human Migration – Causes and Effects

"The Myanmar government has been practicing ethnic cleansing to get rid of the Rohingya people ever since Ne Win came to power in 1962. Simply speaking, they don’t want them there and as such have created the ‘push’ factor for the Rohingyas to move out, failing which they can even get killed in any of the periodic pogroms that are orchestrated by the government forces at the central and local levels with full support of the racist Rakhine Buddhist majority in Arakan. The dream of living a safer and secure life outside Myanmar surely ‘pulls’ the Rohingya to seek asylum or refuge in any country willing to give them a shelter."

Ordinary citizens: the silent victims of anti-Iranian sanctions

"When all's said and done, Iran is currently experiencing difficult times, and its people are under mounting pressure in their daily affairs. Iran's economy is on the brink of bankruptcy as a result of the biting economic sanctions and the international community is calmly and silently witnessing the painful suffering of the Iranian people. The anti-Iranian sanctions clearly run counter to the principles of human rights, but it seems that those who advocate such values don't believe that Iranians are also "humans" who might perchance have some "rights" including the right of access to medicine, foodstuff, employment and above all, respect and human dignity."

A Battered Romney Wins: On to November

"A battered Romney held on a short leash by his party's right wing should be good news for President Obama, but with the electorate as deeply divided as it is, national polls are telling a different story. The President, it appears, may also have trouble re-energizing parts of his base and convincing some independent voters. As a result, most polls show this Obama-Romney match-up may be as close and as bitterly contested as any in recent history."

On Second Thought

"Are all men created equal? If that is to be a cherished national value, then the location of a person's mother at the time of his birth is irrelevant. Prejudice based on geography is no more acceptable than prejudice based on gender, race, creed, or economic status. Children, who are US citizens, should never be separated from their parents because of immigration status."



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