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Pakistan’s 70th Independence Day: Imperatives of Optimism and Future-Making

When on August 14, 1947, the Pakistani nation achieved the freedom from the British colonial subjugation; it inherited a history of neo-colonial systems of...

Carnage or Sanctions? Six Million Iranian Lives at Stake

"...the West is well aware that Iran has never sought a nuclear weapons program nor does it ever wish to do so. However they appear to be incapable of finding a better excuse than Iran’s nuclear energy program to go ahead with their barbaric sanctions with the ultimate goal of installing a US-friendly regime in the country."

Floods Exacerbate Pakistan’s Woes

"Pakistani river management sector is adversely affected by abuse, corruption, and lack of modern practices and infrastructure. Country's highest court has declared that one of the considerable reasons for profound human and structural loss in last year’s floods were widespread dishonesty and fraudulent practices in concerned departments where officials fail to launch preventive measures."

Iran sanctions: Much ado about nothing

"There is indeed much ado about Iran’s nuclear program and despite all evidence that Iran is not pursuing a clandestine nuclear weapons program, the US keeps piling accusations on the country. Who knows? Maybe Iran's nuclear program is only an excuse for the U.S. government to start another war in the region."

Monoculture’s Multicultural Discontents

"Another world is possible, necessary and essential. It will be multicultural in the most positive sense, but only under a democratic control which is the antithesis of monocultural capitalist control. To reach and create that world, we’ll need to stop blaming reactions to forced migrations on its victims, and work to end all manner of forcing humans to do anything against their natural will to survive. Voluntary travel is the only kind we should all aspire to practice and enjoy in the creation of humanistic multiculturalism, as opposed to the forced perversion currently threatening to explode along with the system which causes it."



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