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On Australia Day we should listen to Indigenous Australians

Today, I received ‘Senior Citizen of the Year Award’ from the Parramatta City Council – thanks to Parramatta City Council as this has been...

Rohingya Cultural Anthropology

(The author's note: The account given here is a very short summary of the facts drawn from my published books. Deeper and broader presentations...

Warning: This article contains graphic human rights abuse in Canada

"The Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA) says Canada is ignoring the basic human rights of the poorest and most vulnerable Canadian women. FAFIA spokesperson Sharon McIvor says, “Canada is the home of serious violations of the human rights of Aboriginal women and girls.”

Armenian Genocide – fact or fiction?

"The death of those Armenians remains a highly controversial subject and thus, should remain a matter of inquiry for researchers and not gagging or silencing. It is sad to see how failed politicians with nothing better to offer during an election year are now exploiting sensitive issues to draw votes from their electorates. In such exploits, it is the truth that is becoming the worst casualty."

The "Settlers" and "Aborigines" of the Chittagong Hill Tract

"The genocidal campaign by the Buddhist king led to a mass scale forced eviction and exodus of hundreds of thousands of people of Arakan to the nearby territories of British India, esp. to Chittagong and CHT districts of today's Bangladesh. Nearly a hundred thousand people, mostly Muslims, were killed by the Burmese extermination campaign. The Mahamuni statue of Buddha itself was stolen away from the Arakan. Many Muslims were taken as slaves and forced to live elsewhere, e.g., in places like the Karen State of Burma."



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