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Has South Africa turned a corner in its foreign policy towards...

"The absence of any equilibrium has to be acknowledged. Indeed, such an immoral and abnormal set of circumstances as dictated to by Israel, unfairly and unjustly allows the occupier disproportionate advantages. Thus, retaining ties with Israel and its surrogate in Ramallah is wholly iniquitous!"

US pushing Pakistan into the abyss of oblivion

"When the Pakistan army and American drones kill innocent civilians, it is unrealistic to expect that people will not react. Each killing escalates resentment and stokes the urge to exact revenge, a long-established tradition in that part of the world. Victims have long memories; they do not easily forget their dead no matter how many rhetorical phrases are hurled at them. If for 3,000 American deaths on 9/11, the US can attack two countries and murder more than 1.5 million people, why is it so difficult to understand that other people will feel equally hurt and seek revenge?"

The Neo-Con Sympathisers’ World: "Pay back time", "Muslims are Violent and...

"This is useful for everyone to get a glimpse of the “other side.” Imagine if you will, the burden of such infamy resting on your sympathisers, is it any wonder that they need to lash out and do what psychologists call “project” their own guilt, inadequacies and horrors on to the Muslim’s?"

Zionism is an ‘Abnormal’ Nationalism

"At different times, the Zionists have harnessed all the negative energies of the West - its imperialism, anti-Semitism, Crusading zeal, anti-Islamic bigotry, and racism - and focused them on a new project, the creation of a surrogate Western state in the Islamicate heartland. At the same time, the West could derive considerable satisfaction from the success of the Zionist project. Western societies could take ownership of, and revel in, the triumphs of this colonial state as their own; they could congratulate themselves for helping ‘save’ the Jewish people; they could feel they had made adequate amends for their history of anti-Semitism; they could feel they had finally paid back the Arabs and Turks for their conquests of Christian lands. Israel possessed a marvelous capacity to feed several of the West’s egotistical needs."

War on Gaza: Israeli Action, Not Reaction

"Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt hit directly at the root cause of the Gaza conflict. "They will dig tunnels out of desperation and there will be no way of stopping all these tunnels if you don't open up the border," he said. Bildt was joined by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown who urged ending "Gaza's economic isolation by reopening the crossings that link it to the outside world."



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