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The Real Victor

ON THE fifth day of the six-day war in 1967, I published an open letter to the Prime Minister, Levy Eshkol. The Israeli army...

U.S. exploits Syrian situation for showdown with Russia

"In intensifying its progressively more dangerous confrontation with the world's other major nuclear power by threatening it over Syria and expelling it from the Arab world and the Mediterranean while surrounding it with NATO partnerships and a global interceptor missile system, Washington is pushing the world closer to just such a - the ultimate - nightmare scenario....A wounded beast is often the most vicious and a dying empire doesn't hesitate to destroy a world it cannot dominate."

The Egyptian Uprising – Facts and Fiction

"If history repeats itself in Egypt, it will lead to a new polity in the Turkish mold not a replay of the Iranian Revolution. Unfortunately, Hillary and Obama have apparently fallen victim to the canard that this uprising will lead to a power grab by mullahs. Egypt doesn’t have mullahs and Egyptians don’t do theocracy. Win or lose, the American betrayal of the Egyptian revolt against tyranny will not be soon forgotten....Another bit of slander against the young rebels is that they are agents of chaos. Nothing could be further from the truth. It wasn’t the rebels who resorted to violence - it was Mubarak’s goons. The rebels didn’t throw open the prison gates - that was a chore left to Mubarak’s security forces who then abandoned their stations and betrayed their duty to maintain law and order. Had the regime allowed peaceful demonstrations, the tourists in Sharm, Luxor and Hurghada would have stayed put."

As Obama retreats, Palestinians renew their Struggle

"The Israelis clearly regard the nonviolent protest as more dangerous than rockets and suicide bombings, which create sympathy for Israel and provide an excuse for retaliation. Israeli forces are conducting nightly raids on the homes of organizers of and participants in nonviolent actions, and making a mounting number of arrests. In the first 10 days of February, the army arrested 51 Palestinians, including Montaha Taweel, wife of the mayor of Al-Bireh and an activist on behalf of Palestinian prisoners...More and more Israeli Jews also are being jailed for joining in nonviolent Palestinian actions. At a Jan. 15 demonstration against the eviction of Palestinian families in East Jerusalem, 17 Israelis were arrested, including the head of the Association for Civil Rights, Hagain Elad. Unlike Palestinian demonstrators who are held for weeks and even months, they were released 36 hours later, but a Jerusalem court nevertheless declared their demonstration to be illegal."

Media Fails to Consider the "National Security" Conundrum

One statesman of the past, Benjamin Franklin, is remembered as saying words to this effect: "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."



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