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Has Imran Khan’s Political Tsunami Hit Pakistani Shores?

"One hopes that as the Tehreek ratchets its campaign, it will work in subtle ways to win the esteem of the rank and file in Pakistan’s army. The knowledge that their own rank and file have their eyes on their backs will restrain the generals who may want to extend their profitable partnership with the United States....The Tehreek should also send out signals – convincing signals – that it has a second arrow in its quiver. It must let Pakistanis know that it is ready to mobilize its ranks for more forceful action if the corrupt political elites will use dirty tricks to extend their corruption binge for another five years."

Nothing to stop it from disappearing

"Joined together, public opinion and the reality on the ground are creating conditions that preclude the two-state possibility. And, there is no reason to believe that these will be reversed in the foreseeable future. That is leaving many analysts to conclude that, if the two-state solution is not already impossible, it is only a matter of time before it is a thing of the past."

Secrets of Empire and Self-deceptions of Partisans: Yet a howling defiance...

"One must remember this: We human beings are of nature as well. Accordingly, within us lies an indomitable self, encoded with the grace and fury of the natural world, and, if acknowledged and respected, our authentic nature will awaken and arise. Then the real dogfight begins: The fur will fly, as we fight, fang and claw, to retake the lost landscape of our collective humanity, and, by extension, begin the struggle to restore health, imagination and empathy to a nation of cage-accepting, imperium-countenancing, sick puppies."

A Hopeless Legion of Loons

"If we have learned but one thing from these fools, it is that they will not compromise, regardless of the destruction they leave in their wake. Therefore, we need to wake up and realize that the November 2012 election is quite likely a matter of life or death."

Palestinian Statehood Resolution sets off Alarm Bells in Israel and Washington

"The Palestinians' decision to go to the U.N. has already exposed the hoax that Israel is willing to accept a two-state solution. Meir Dagan, the head of Mossad for eight years, resigned in early June with a speech bitterly criticizing Israeli leaders for "foolishly ignoring" Arab peace proposals that offered full diplomatic relations in exchange for Israel's return to its 1967 borders. Another former Mossad official, Gad Shimon, suggested Israel might take rash action to prevent a U.N. statehood resolution. "The leadership makes fiery statements," he said on Israeli radio, "and we don't know what will happen."



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