Stones vs. Bullets

Israelis define Palestinian “resistance movement” as “violence” and “terrorism” against the Jewish occupation. By international laws or any political or otherwise claims, Palestinians do not recognize nor belong to Israeli state sovereignty. Israelis have proactive strategic plans to crush a solid people’s movement against the continued Jewish oppression. Western nations committed to Israel, share priorities to ensure Zionist hold on political events and developments to achieve their own broader security goals in the Middle East. Arab policy planners have a history of failed perceptions, how to encounter the Zionist transgression, a clear violation of international law and the UN principles. So-called civilized nations turn a blind eye to understand the real problem when it comes to Israeli-Arab conflict. Arab masses are aware of the harsh reality that Israelis offensive moves against the Palestinian civilians are not vague but based on planned goals and strategic priorities.

Arab political thinkers, if any, rely heavily on American and European good offices to maintain a status quo, almost consciously forgetting that Jewish Lobbyists control the minds of American and British politics. How could the Western politicians be free to think on their own and why?

More Palestinians feel betrayed by fellow Arab brothers to check Israeli “crimes” against the civilian population, a planned extermination of Palestinian national identity. With missing leadership, Arab governments are incapable to offer any sense of security to the besieged Palestinians. In 90’s more than 2 million Jews moved to Israel with American and European active blessings, Arab brothers simply watched as spectators as they did in the past. Resourceful Jewish lobbyists in American politics and Congress would do unthinkable to win favors for money and political support. Arab scholars and leaders have no clue what factors manipulate the real world politics except dependency on the US hoping to see some political maneuverability on Palestine problems. Some Arab intellectuals know but wish to ignore that the US politics is a one track committed perspective on Israeli-Arab conflict whereas, Zionists enjoy institutionalized resources across American society from academic thinkers to strategic decision-making, people are either bribed or bought with no democratic choice to exercise, Jews control and manage the outcome. Western mass media is one of the leading institutions and agent of influence- a weapon being used by Jews to uphold their ideas and ideals.

Almost century later of British conspiracy to offer Palestine as a homeland to dispersed but politically influential Jews, Arabs seem to have lost on the battleground and scholarly front, and cannot present a logical case nor have an organized mass media perspective to reason the unreason. Arabs intellectual and political inaction seem to have encouraged Zionist enslavement of the Palestinian rights and honor. Impartial observers point out to one important naivety in Arab policy making, they speak the language of palaces rather than of the people. Recently many secular officials disguised as religious scholars, make overtures of “Jihad” to silence the public wrath against inept leaders. One wonders if Arabs fear Israelis killing machines or do they hide political absurdity? Jews were never a fighting people, American and British support made them aggressive. Could Arabs comprehend this harsh reality? If Arabs want the world to understand their viewpoints on Palestine, do they have open public communication institutions and their experts to do a convincing job in changing global politics? Or as usual, would they hire foreign specialists to represent Arabs and Muslim interests on Palestine?

International mass media expertise project pre-planned images, people see and believe it, images developed by Zionists that they suffered holocaust, Europeans are spared, Arabs are presented dull, undemocratic and Islam as a challenging civilization to the west. Arabs have no role to agree or disagree in thoughts and actions that western media will show. How could stone be compared to bullets? Western media describes more than 400 Palestinians killed by “open fire” whereas two Israelis “killed by Palestinian Terrorists”. How could Arabs communiqué and paper resolution do any good in a war-like situation in Palestine? Arab masses continue to pray to God for help and Islamic system of life, while some Gulf Arabian leaders entertain newly wed brides and enjoy football matches. Palestinians are remembered in special Friday prayers and late night prayers. Others may share mild perceptions of challenge and references to future confrontation with the enemy of Islam, not defining who is the real enemy of Islam their leaders or Israel.

Some dishearted Arab masses talk of Salahuddin Ayoubi, conqueror of Jerusalem and Moutassam Billah, the Abbaside ruler who punished the Romans for hitting on the face of a young Muslim woman. What images do Arab and Muslim leaders project when innocent women and children are massacred in cold blood and young girls are beaten by Israeli army? Is it the part of the liberal democratic values to treat Palestinian civilians as hostage of Israel and Western political domination? Would Western realists, if any, talk of human rights protection the UN security force for helpless Palestinians? After bulldozing Palestinian homes and destroying their social and economic infrastructure, “peace” is a policy stunt, not an aim of the Jewish state. One Ariel Sharon stirred fuel to conflict making by visiting the Muslim holy site. Arab and Palestinians react emotionally, failing to understand the real Israeli strategic plans, their plans are working, reaction will disappear soon even after massive deaths and losses. Who gained most, Aerial Sharon, as the spokesman of leading Jewish interests or Palestinian and Arab protestors? US Congress hurriedly sanctioned 8 billion and extended undemocratic political support to Israeli intransigence, when the world is seeing the work of Jewish democracy in daily deaths and destruction of Palestinian homes and life. Some secular Arab proponents, lacking leadership dynamicism forestall military response to challenge the Israeli provocations against the Palestinian people. They refer to the UN and human civility as if it had any impacts on Israeli thinking and policy stance. Israelis fear nobody when it comes to making good on their national interests and strategic goals. They will fear if Arabs are committed to Islam because Islam is inexhaustible. Arab strategies offer no position or direction when it comes to a definite stand against Israeli atrocities in Palestine. While Zionists conceal aggressive plans and ambitions under the veil of liberal democratic norms, Arabs have no public institutions to think, talk or plan for Islam and Muslims in conflict resolution. They think after the facts and react emotionally where in-depth strategic planning is needed only to regain the status of strange reactionaries pretending to be useful for political inaction, massive deaths and lost integrity.

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